Medicinal plants in spring – coltsfoot, violet, goutweed and stinging nettle

Medicinal plants in spring

The first medicinal plants in the spring already show themselves. Now that spring is finally triumphing over winter, and the sun is sending its first powerful rays out to us, nature is awakening all over again.

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Healing plants in the spring – coltsfoot and violets

On my hikes I discovered the yellow-flowered coltsfoot and also the violet curiously pokes out her beautiful purple flowers.

The flowers of coltsfoot look confusingly similar to dandelions. In this spring plant first the flowers appear and later the large heart-shaped leaves appear. These can be used for wrapping like cabbage leaves for roulades. The flowers are used to make medicinal drinks, such as tinctures, juices and liqueurs, which have a positive effect on the upper respiratory organs. The bright yellow flower heads can currently be seen very well on the still brown barren ground.

In the violet leaves and flowers can be seen at the same time. Mostly they are even somewhat inconspicuous, almost shy one might think. Therefore, they are often overlooked, while the violet is an incredibly helpful plant. This delicate creature manages to regenerate in ointments the skin that was burned after radiation therapy. Also the sweet and unique scent of violet gives new hope and faith. Therefore, it is often used as a perfume, even Napoleon appreciated this for himself very much.

As an essential oil in fragrance lamps, but also in fumigation, the violet exudes all its glory. In 2007 it was chosen as the medicinal plant of the year. It is said that when the goddess Persephone emerges from the underworld in spring and revives the fields and forests, a great many violets grow beneath her steps.

Medicinal plants in the spring – the goutweed

Furthermore the goutweed shows up in spring. On the one hand it is totally hated and on the other hand it is very popular. The herb is a delicacy and makes a good salad or vegetable garnish. Its taste is similar to that of spinach and has something of a hint of parsley. The goutweed drains, purifies and stimulates the metabolism. A tea helps with its diuretic properties.

The goutweed sometimes covers whole forest floors. Just when the snow finally thaws, its first shoots are already peeking out. In the gardens, however, it is not a welcome guest, because its underground roots drive so many gardeners the beads of sweat on the forehead. But the joie de vivre of the goutweed does not allow it to be eradicated so quickly. Their vitamins and numerous minerals are at the top of the menu for many in the spring.

Medicinal plants in the spring – the nettle

Also the stinging nettle is a welcome spring guest. In former times it was carried as amulet with itself. Now the first tender shoots can be eaten directly so. Chopped into small pieces, it can be made into a strong soup or you can leave the leaves in their size and cook a spinach out of it.

The iron-containing plant is very blood-forming, it purifies the body and gives us the necessary power against the spring tiredness. Smoothie lovers add the nettle together with the goutweed to their drink. But you can also use it in dressings, dips and as a delicious spread on bread. Fresh nettle tea is often drunk as a cure in springtime.

Nature offers us such wonderful plants, always at the right time. Who wants to experience more over welfare plants and their application, this can in my books Which not only herb witches should know and Heilkräftiger tea from the realm of the Urpflanzenwelt experience.

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