Learning to understand high sensitivity as a gift instead of a burden

Learning to understand high sensitivity as a gift instead of a burden

Highly sensitive people take in more information through their senses than the majority of people. This can exhaust them more quickly if they do not know about their predisposition. The highly sensitive.net zwerk offers information, nourishing workshops and a WIFI continuing education course to make this topic of high sensitivity better known and to support highly sensitive people.

High sensitivity – Too sensitive for this world?

About 20 percent of humans (and animals) are born highly sensitive. This was discovered by the American psychologist and psychotherapist Elaine N. Aron found in her years of research work. She called these people “Highly Sensitive Persons – Hochsensitive/Hochsensitiven Personen”, in short HSP. Highly sensitive people are more open to stimuli and perceive more than others through their senses and sensations, which is why they often consider themselves to be abnormal and meet with little understanding from those around them. For them it is especially necessary to pay attention to balance and relaxation.

Highly sensitive people feel and reflect more deeply, have a complex inner life and are often introverted. The special characteristics of HSPs include their conscientiousness, sometimes to the point of perfection, their great sense of justice and their social vein. This makes them valuable members of society, if they are in the right place and live according to their disposition.

High sensitivity – Knowledge helps to learn to understand

“If I had known about my high sensitivity earlier, I probably could have spared myself my burnout,” says Sabine Knoll, initiator of the “Highly sensitive.netzwerk from hsp for hsp”. Cäcilia Brodesser, Christina Maria Murer, Margot Hölzl and Sabine Knoll jointly offer information events as well as relaxing and nourishing offers in group and individual work. Network members are themselves professionally active as trainers and energizers.

A novelty is the advanced training course at WIFI Vienna to become an “expert in dealing with highly sensitive persons (HSP)”, which starts in November. Target audience are trainers, life coaches, energetics, therapists, doctors, educators, human resource developers and other people who are professionally involved with HSP without knowing it yet. Free information evenings are held regularly at WIFI Vienna for all interested parties.

For further inquiries please contact Mag. Sabine Knoll, Tel. +43 (0)2732 / 70452.

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