Metabolic analysis – methods, types, costs and what it brings

The metabolic analysis

Many people struggle with excess pounds. Often important information about the metabolism is missing, which enables a suitable handling and a balanced diet.

Metabolic analyses can offer a significant advantage. If you know your metabolism and have information about previous diseases and discrepancies, you can adjust your dietary intake based on the data.

Many diets and programs nowadays rely on a prior analysis of the metabolism. In this article we want to look at a few possible analyses and also take a look at the costs of such an analysis.

What are the methods of metabolic analysis?

For the analysis of the metabolism, there are several methods to choose from. The collection of saliva samples is one of the easiest and is therefore associated with the lowest cost of classic methods.

However, the data contained in saliva is not as detailed, so more meaningful information about genes and metabolic diseases can not be taken Blood tests, on the other hand, are more complicated to perform.

Blood offers however more information and makes thus a more precise determination of the metabolism possible.

Types of metabolic analysis

The Spreichel analysisOn the one hand the saliva can be analyzed. Here a saliva sample is taken with a stick, which is then analyzed for its components.

The saliva test is also known under the term DNA test. With such a procedure can also Metabolic disorders be recognized. However, hereditary diseases and relationships are not recorded.

Blood analysis: are recorded here, Blood fat and blood sugar values. This procedure works with IgG antibody analysis.

The latter procedure allows the metabolism to be determined even more precisely. Also hereditary diseases or food intolerances and general feedback about his state of health can be recorded in this way.

What metabolic analysis brings and offers?

Due to the evaluated data one is to have a better access to important information in the metabolism. With a metabolic analysis, the consumption and food intake can be more accurately sufficient.

Especially people who would like to eat more health-conscious and coordinated, an analysis of the metabolism can be helpful.

In the theory of metabolic analysts there are 3 categories into which the metabolism of a person can be classified. The classification is known under the term Metabolic Typing Known.

Once you have found out your category, you can create a precise nutrition plan for yourself by means of tailored metabolic type plans.

In many cases it is not the quantity of food intake but the ratio between carbohydrates, fats and sugars that is responsible for obesity, but the ratio between carbohydrates, fats and sugars.

This can be easily determined with an analysis. Especially people with overweight or obesity this offers good opportunities to better allocate the food intake.

Facts about metabolic analysis:

  • Energy level can be increased with reduced fat deposition,
  • Tailored diet plans,
  • Classification into categories,
  • Metabolic typing possible,
  • Hereditary diseases and intolerances can be detected (blood analysis),
  • Metabolic disorders become visible.

How much does a metabolic analysis cost?

The cost of a metabolic analysis ranges from 200-500€. depending on the procedure and effort, one must reckon with different prices.

One of the most expensive but at the same time most effective methods on the market is Genetic Balance.

3 better known metabolic analyses at a glance

Genetic Balance: Set can be consisted of in the online store. Saliva samples are taken independently. In addition the Döschen contained in the set with the cotton swab is filled.

The sample is then sent to the Genetic Balance laboratory and to the address provided. The customer receives a feedback and evaluation by PDF. Questions about the test are answered by email. The customer has to reckon with prices between 399 and 499 Euro.

CoGAPThe offerer CoGAP, offers equal a whole nourishing portal to its customers. After delivery of the saliva sample a personally cut nutrition and training concept is to the offer.

CoGAP also offers a check of the intestinal flora. Price of the test run is about 330 euros. In addition, other courses and offers can be booked.

Magnolija vita: Blood tests have the reputation to be a little more accurate. The provider Magnolija-Vita offers such a test via a compiled set. The blood sample can be taken by a general practitioner or a trained therapist.

The sample is then examined in the laboratory. In connection with the metabolic analysis, the provider also offers diet plans and metabolism-specific plans. The costs for a test amount to approximately 240 – 320 euros.

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