Brushing your teeth, but the right way – tips from toothpaste to prof. Teeth cleaning

Tips on how to brush your teeth properly

Proper dental care is a prerequisite for healthy teeth and also prevents diseases such as periodontal disease and caries, the rule „brush your teeth three times a day“ knows almost everyone. When it comes to choosing the right dental care products and the right brushing technique, on the other hand, there is often still a need for information in Germany. We have compiled here the most important tips to maintain the health of the teeth and also go into alternatives to the use of toothpaste.

When buying a toothbrush, you should – unless otherwise recommended by your dentist – take a soft to medium-hard short head. This way all tooth surfaces can be easily reached and gently cleaned. For children, there are smaller children’s toothbrushes with a sturdy handle and in child-friendly colors. An electric toothbrush can – properly used – additionally improve the brushing result.

The right toothpaste for brushing teeth

Fluoride toothpastes are generally best suited to make the enamel resistant to caries. Toothpaste alternatives are available in health food stores, organic food stores and also pharmacies to buy. These include tooth powder, dental chalk, tooth salt or special organic toothpaste in natural cosmetic quality.

Tips for proper tooth brushing

Because a toothbrush cleans all so-called chewing and smooth surfaces, but only inadequately interdental spaces, one should additionally use dental floss or – with larger gaps – special brushes for interdental spaces, so-called interdental brushes. The toothbrush is placed against the teeth at a 45 degree angle and the plaque is removed with light movements.

The plaque is always removed from the gum to the tooth crown. When brushing, one should proceed systematically and clean from the outside to the inside, first the upper jaw, then the lower jaw. At the end one scrubs the chewing surfaces of the molars. In addition, you should regularly remove bacteria on the tongue with a tongue cleaner.

Cleaning teeth with an electric toothbrush is different from cleaning teeth with an ordinary manual toothbrush. The main thing is to make sure that the electric toothbrush is optimally positioned and that not too much pressure is applied. The sequence and angle is the same as with a manual toothbrush.

Don’t forget professional dental cleaning

In addition to daily teeth cleaning, professional teeth cleaning is recommended every 6 months or so. Prohylaxis. This takes place at the dentist and is very useful. Here you should ask your health insurance company in advance about the possible subsidy or the cost of the treatment. Informing the patient about the costs.

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