Vitamins and vital substance products – real miracle cures of nature

Vitamins and vital substance products – real miracle cures of nature

Healthy diet with plenty of vitamins, healthy lifestyle and sports, healthy appearance – more and more people are consciously paying attention to these aspects of life.

Medical research and scientific studies give different, sometimes contradictory advice regarding healthy nutrition, health-promoting and health-damaging foods.

But they all agree on one thing: vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential for the proper functioning of our body and thus for our health.

„Vitamins“ – this word we hear from an early age. We use the word in our daily life and know that vitamins are important for us and that we need them. But unfortunately only a few know the exact effect of different vitamins.

The daily intake of vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are compounds that our body needs every day, but can not produce itself. And so we depend on a daily supply of vitamins and minerals from the outside.

Natural vitamins and other vital substances we can get with food. However, we must always make sure that we know exactly which product contains which vitamins and other vital substances, and eat only the „right“ products.

Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of today’s life it is difficult to always pay attention to the right vitamin-rich diet.

Vitamins and minerals as food supplements

That’s why more and more people are turning to the vitamin and mineral supplements available as dietary supplements in pharmacies, supermarkets, or on the Internet.

It is not necessary to consume a large amount of fruits and vegetables to meet the daily requirement of necessary vitamins and vital substances.

Usually one tablet or one pill or one powder pack is enough to get a daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

The dosage is precisely indicated, so you can be sure how much of which vitamins you have received.

Vitamins and minerals work a pure miracle in our body. They promote a healthy immune and circulatory system, support muscle function, strengthen bones, ensure beautiful skin and strong hair.

They are also good for calming nerves, promoting metabolic processes in the body, inhibiting cholesterol, increasing mental energy and concentration, helping to cope with daily stress.

Maca comes in different varieties

The Peruvian Maca tubers are available in four different varieties, which also bring different effects with them. The ingredients themselves are not so different, only the content of the individual substances varies from variety to variety.

While red Maca has many positive effects, especially for women, such as increasing fertility and libido, black Maca is considered the variant for men.

It is said to support muscle building and increase potency in a natural way. Purple Maca is often assigned to the red Maca, since the mode of action hardly differs. In yellow Maca the ingredients are most balanced, this variety is equally suitable for women and men.

Most Maca products are mixed powders of all varieties. Red and black maca are usually labeled as varietal and are slightly more expensive.

However, the difference in color refers only to the skin of the tubers. Processed into powder, it is no longer possible to tell by eye which variety it is by looking at the color.

The right combination makes it – Example Macana capsules

Especially they become effective when properly combined. As an example we can mention Macana capsules.

A proper patented combination of active herbal ingredients in a sufficient amount in Macana capsules provides in scientific studies proven potency-increasing and pleasure-enhancing effects, both for men and women.

Macana increases not only erection, but also desire and desire for sexual experiences. Natural vital substances work a real miracle by giving men and women a chance to have an exciting and satisfying sex life again, which keeps their body and mind fit.

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