Acupuncture and hypnosis for smoking cessation

Acupuncture and hypnosis for smoking cessation

With the anti-smoking strategy, a method according to Heilpraktiker Klaus J. Benner, also persistent smokers are freed inside from their nicotine dependence.

Report on a group session for smoking cessation.

A very last deep pull, then the butt is pushed out and the bell to the practice is pressed. The first step to becoming a non-smoker has been taken.

In the group room, 10 women and men come together who want to give up smoking for good.

„I started when I was 16“, says one participant. „Me at twelve“?, countered their counterpart. „And I’ve already tried everything to quit“, the woman resumes the conversation. „Also patch brings nothing at all. Now I found out about this course from a colleague at work, she did it with acupuncture and hypnosis.“

From Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Hanover the potential nonsmokers traveled today to Wuppertaler to the smoking cessation. On the recommendation of friends, on the prescription of their doctor, or because they have seen a report about smoking cessation in the media, they later report to the alternative practitioner Klaus-J. Benner.

Most of the participants want to stop smoking for the sake of their health.

„I want to be a role model for my children“ says one man. Another finds it simply too degrading and annoying how he is treated at work and in public as a heavy smoker. Two admit that they created again once the „good resolution to the turn of the year“ not for a long time and began again to smoke. Falling off the wagon isn’t so bad, comforts alternative practitioner K.J. Benner, just giving up the fight.

They all smoked heavily. „80 to 100 a day“, confesses the man, who already began with twelve years with it. „Have you ever calculated how much money you have smoked there?“ asks Benner. „About a middle class car“ comes as an answer. That sits.

After everyone hands in their cigarettes, cigarillos and lighters, they are allowed to ask questions. Most of them already feel a little apprehensive. Is acupuncture painful?
How is it with hypnosis? Heilpraktiker K.J. Benner reports in detail what he will do. It will sensitize them to the poison, he says, but no one need be afraid. Let nothing happen to anyone that they do not want, let everyone remember every word exactly. And everyone becomes a non-smoker here and now.

Then begins smoking cessation therapy. During acupuncture 6 needles are inserted into the left ear. Since the prick goes only about 1 millimeter deep, the acupuncture with the special needles is practically painless. The individual needles, at quite certain points in the ear, cause that the smoking addiction is blocked and also no withdrawal symptoms arise, explains Heilpraktiker K.J. Benner.

„I become completely calm and my initial nervousness disappears“, it comes from a participant, who now sits with its needles in the ear completely relaxed and looks at some slide pictures for the clearing-up and motivation, which are shown by welfare practical man K.J. Benner accordingly commented. „Especially tender-hearted people should close their eyes now“ he says and shows with the next slide an amputated smoker’s leg.

The needles are removed again and K.J. Benner begins with hypnosis. Everyone sits relaxed again and listens receptively to the suggestions. Positive sensations wakes welfare practical man K.J. Benner with his words, strengthens the will and self-confidence. It gives everyone the conviction that everyone has the power to create what they want. All around he looks into relaxed faces. Attention is directed to the beginning of a healthy and smoke-free future. „and when you look in the mirror tomorrow, you will look into the eyes of a victor“ sounds the evocative voice of the alternative practitioner.

Now become non-smokers Participants leave the practice motivated and determined.

A cassette strengthens you for a smoke-free future with the hypnosis content and Benner’s evocative words; you gain health, vitality and personal freedom.

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Individual and group sessions, in the naturopathic practice and in her home.

Prevention in naturopathic practice With the anti-smoking strategy and the anti-weight strategy.

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