Itching – Possible causes and treatment options

With itching only scratching helps, or?

Itching is not only unpleasant, it can also have a chronic background. The skin’s insensitivity to the stimulus is very annoying in many cases. Because you automatically start scratching as soon as the itchy spot becomes noticeable.

The aim is to achieve short-term relief. But itching is not so easy to get rid of. Especially when allergies, skin diseases or insect bites are the triggers.

It is important to find the cause in order to proceed effectively.

When, where and with what itching can occur?

An itching of the skin always automatically triggers the desire to soothe the corresponding area by scratching it.

It is not important whether the affected skin area looks normal or whether it has already changed due to a disease. At this moment it is important that the itching subsides.

And that we often generate by scratching the skin. Unfortunately, the relief from itching usually lasts only a very short time. Especially with insect bites you can determine this very well. After a few seconds the skin itches again and you have to take action again.

But also in the case of allergies or neurological causes, the itching is not only unpleasant, but cannot be dispelled with simple scratching.

The itching can occur at each skin place. For example, on the head, on the upper body, on the feet and also in the genital area. You will not find a place on your body that is protected from the irritation.

Therefore, it is important, especially in the case of a prolonged itching, to clarify exactly what the basis of this is and what a possible treatment can look like.

Experts here speak of a maximum time window of six weeks. If the irritation goes beyond that, it is imperative to seek medical clarification.

Possible itching causes

The causes of itching can be of different nature. Sometimes the skin is simply dry and therefore itchy. In this case it is sufficient to use a skin cream or Vaseline to treat the affected area.

The skin then demands moisture and lipids, which can be supplied quite easily with the cream. This itching then also usually subsides relatively quickly as soon as the skin recovers.

Allergies are also often a reason for itching skin. If a certain food, medication or other additives are not tolerated, this can be reflected on the skin. Not only if it is, for example, an intolerance to detergents.

Also food can lead to skin rashes, if you do not tolerate them. But also each ingredient of shower baths, of shampoos, of other products, with which you come into contact, can cause a change of the skin.

The same applies to skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. Again, there are changes in the skin that can lead to severe itchiness.

Not to serve this stimulus is then very difficult. But it is important that the skin can recover. And this is only possible if you do not scratch yourself.

Other possibilities for skin changes that lead to itching can be sought on a neurological basis.

If you have a lot of stress, do not feel well mentally and physically, this can lead to skin rashes, which then itch very unpleasantly.

In this case, it is imperative to seek clarification in order to be able to bring body and soul back into harmony.

Treatment options

The simplest variant of treatment is not to follow the itching and thus not to scratch it. But of course this does not work in most cases. You will have experienced this yourself. When it itches, you want to scratch. That is of course.

A back scratch can be helpful, however, to provide quick relief for normal itching, for example. Especially in the places that you can reach so poorly.

With special creams and ointments the doctor helps in many cases. Sometimes a medicine has to be administered, if it is a skin change based on a disease.

It is important that you always consult a specialist for treatment options. He can determine how the skin change has developed and what needs to be done in detail.


In many cases a quick relief is possible with treatment. If it is a chronic disease, you must expect a longer cycle of treatment.

In spite of everything, itching is nothing that should make life difficult for us. Always think positively and do not focus exclusively on itching.

The irritation can then be well faded out. Rather focus on the beautiful things in life and not on the restrictions. Then life is much nicer and the itch is no longer an issue.

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