Relaxation massages and their effect on body, mind and soul

Relaxation massages and their effect on body, mind and soul

The relaxation massages have a beneficial effect on the body, should be clear to anyone who has already enjoyed a treatment was allowed to. But it is often underestimated that massages have several modes of action.

Not only the body is positively influenced. The mind and soul also benefit from the pleasant touches and the many small details that are often not consciously perceived during a massage.

Psychological relaxation – interaction of body, mind and soul

The experienced hand movements of competent masseurs ensure that the entire body relaxes. Muscles are loosened, the blood circulation is promoted and the circulation is stimulated.

Basically, the connection between body, mind and soul must be understood in order to get to the bottom of the effect of massage. The condition of the body significantly influences the mind and soul.

If the body is in bad shape, the mind and soul suffer equally. This becomes clear, for example, when the muscles harden due to stress and overexertion.

As these hardenings trigger pain, this is followed by restricted freedom of movement, which in turn has a negative effect on the mood. The balance between body, mind and soul is disturbed by the physical tensions.

If these disturbances are suppressed, mental blockades can develop in the long term, which leads to general indisposition. The body suffers and since the soul is directly linked to it, it suffers too.

Massages support not only the physical health, but at the same time the soul life. The quality of life can be increased in the long term through skillfully performed and regular massages.

Relaxation massages – Massages for every taste

Depending on the type of massage, the treatments have different effects. Physical pain is often caused by muscle cramps. They are loosened and dissolved in the long term during classic sports massages.

It is important that the treatments are carried out regularly. This is the only way to achieve long-term improvement. Affected parts of the body are specifically treated.

Relaxation massages touch all senses with delicately scented oils, hot stones and warmth. The many details that make up relaxing massages allow body, mind and soul to come to rest.

In this type of massage, the environment plays an important role in addition to the touch. Indirect lighting, quiet background music and special scents create a harmonious environment that has an overall calming effect.

Furthermore, there are numerous types of massage that have a positive effect on general well-being. In addition to massages that appeal to the senses through tender touches and lots of physical contact, treatments are offered for specific parts of the body.

A relaxing Indian head massage, reflex zone massages or stimulating foot massages ensure the targeted treatment of body parts.

The skin – The largest organ with a sensitive nervous system

Appropriate treatments address the autonomic nervous system and relieve the connective tissue as well as the skin. The effect of massages is so strong, among other things, because it is exercised over the largest organ of the human being – the skin.

In every square centimeter there are numerous sensory cells that are sensitive to pressure, heat and cold.

Via the nervous system these impressions are transmitted and processed. Every stimulus that is initially triggered on the skin travels further and subsequently affects the entire organism.

Prerequisite for a positive perception is a competent massage therapist. Therefore, it is always necessary to choose the massage practice carefully.

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