Ketogenic diet – How to reduce fat with ketosis

The ketogenic diet: How fat reduction with ketosis works

If one speaks of the ketogenic diet, one may also use the word keto. It is ketosis and it is a state that you put your body in.

How this works and, of course, how the body reacts to it, we will say here.

We also want to tell what exactly to follow if you want to do the Ketogenic Diet correctly. In the ketogenic diet, one hardly takes in any carbohydrates through food.

But it is a high fat diet. The diet will have some overall health benefits.

What is ketosis?

The diet is similar in approaches to the low-carb and Atkins diet. The carbohydrate supply is reduced very strongly thereby.

Instead of the carbohydrates one must take now fat-rich food up. If one performs this diet correctly, the body will work more efficiently than ever before.

This mainly affects fat burning. In the liver, the fat is converted into ketones and these will continue to supply the brain with energy.

Ketosis ensures that there is a massive lowering of blood sugar levels. Overall, people will be healthier who are exposed to the Ketogenic Diet.

The types briefly explained

The standard ketogenic diet involves avoiding carbohydrates as completely as possible. Proteins are also carefully weighed, but you eat a diet rich in fats.

The formula of this diet to induce ketosis is: 5% carbohydrates, 20% proteins, 75% fat.

The second type we call the cyclic ketogenic diet. Here the diet is broken down into days.

For example, the ketogenic diet is followed 5 days a week, and the remaining two days are spent on a high-carbohydrate diet.

In the targeted ketogenic diet, you have to exercise during the diet while eating the carbohydrates. it thus leans on the second type.

As a fourth type, you can do the ketogenic diet rich in protein. The ratio is then 5% carbohydrates, 35% proteins and 60% fat.

Note, however, that not all species have been studied in detail. Those who want success should follow the standard version of the ketogenic diet.

The other types are not intended for beginners. They have been devised for athletes.

From now on, it will be exclusively about the standard form of the ketogenic diet.

Those who want or need to lose weight should consider this diet. In advance, however, it is necessary to clarify whether one also feels fit enough in health to pass the diet.

It is important to know, with this diet there can be problems especially in the beginning.

These are comparable to the flu. These are withdrawal symptoms, but they will subside after just a few days.

With ketosis, you don’t have to count calories or weigh your food intake accurately.

The Ketogenic diet will make you lose more weight than if you were to eat less, focusing on low-fat foods.

You will also not feel hungry if you eat a ketogenic diet.

Diabetes patients

Those who suffer from diabetes have an altered metabolism. Blood sugar level is elevated and insulin function is impaired.

With this type of diet, you can learn to lose excess fat, and you will also eventually be able to stop taking medications.

Here it is important to be accompanied by a doctor.

What other diseases can be treated with ketosis?

Ketone diet can be used in case of heart diseases caused by excess weight.

With cancer the ketosis is used for the treatment. It is hoped that this will slow down the growth of tumors.

In Alzheimer’s disease, the symptoms can be reduced with the keto diet. The progression is stopped.

Those who suffer from epilepsy can reduce the number of their seizures with this form of diet.

The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can also be improved with it.

In polycystic ovary syndrome, the ketogenic diet can also be used to reduce insulin levels.

Brain injuries can heal faster with the ketogenic diet.

People with acne can also take advantage of this diet.

Nevertheless, these are only possible consequences of the diet.

What not to eat if you want to favor ketosis?

It is important to avoid certain foods when ketosis sets in.

Sugary foods, grains or starches, fruits, beans or legumes, root and tuber vegetables, low-fat or diet foods, some spices and sauces, unhealthy fats and alcohol.

But even sugar-free diet foods are taboo from now on.

What can you eat then?

The following foods belong on the menu from now on:

Meat and fatty fish, eggs, cream and butter, cheese, nuts and seeds, Healthy oils, avocados and low-carb vegetables, and spices like salt and pepper.

Fatty fish in the ketogenic diet, fat reduction with ketosis

If you want to eat healthy on the ketogenic diet, you should definitely not use convenience foods. It is good to make up your own menu.

The small hunger in between

Of course, you may feel hungry in between meals and then a snack is also allowed. So you can definitely go for cheese with olives or eat fatty meat or fish.

It is also allowed to eat some strawberries with cream.

In addition, there are of course other foods that you may snack on. Such as a small portion of leftover food or a low-carb milkshake.

Note that berries should be eaten only in small quantities.

What else you should know about the ketogenic diet?

It is important to lose a lot of water during the diet. It is necessary to regulate this, because it also leads salts out of the body. This must then be taken back in the form of meals.

It is also important to eat a lot, especially in the beginning. Ketosis sets in when you are no longer hungry and then you have reached the state that you wanted to achieve.

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