Gemmotherapy – A practical guide for the whole family

Gemmotherapy – buds for health

Acne, joint problems, migraines, fatigue, stress, hyperacidity, tension, cholesterol, diabetes … Gemmotherapy is an essential natural aid for many diseases.

Made from the buds of trees and shrubs, it can be used in a simple way by the whole family.

The buds are endowed with an extraordinary regenerative quality, which allows to treat everyday ailments.

This book, which summarizes fifty years of studies on gemmotherapy – from its precursors in the 1960s to the most recent works – is intended to assist all who wish to make the most of this gift from the trees.

  • how to use gemmotherapy in addition to other natural therapies (aromatherapy, herbal medicine),
  • how to choose your macerates for their good properties,
  • how to take cures to support health,
  • How to make your own macerates thanks to the advice on picking and preparation.

What are buds? What mysterious principle lies hidden in them? Why buds are among the “superfoods”? How to make propolis from buds?

The book answers these and many other questions and shows useful uses from the kitchen to the medicine cabinet.

  • Everything about buds: botany, history and customs, old and new recipes around the buds, native trees and shrubs in portrait, basic methods of making ointments, tinctures, essences, oils and much more.,
  • Bud delicacies: Pestos, smoothies, green flours, elixirs, etc.,
  • Instructions for collecting and processing buds.

Buds for health

Practical guide for the whole family

Freya publishing house – 1. Edition 2022
Hardcover – four-color throughout, with many photos
256 pages – format: 17 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-99025-507-0
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The author
St├ęphane Boistard is a collector, trainer and lecturer who specializes in gemmotherapy and a sensitive approach to the forest.

For over twenty years he has worked to combine rural traditional knowledge with modern knowledge.

He is an heir of the “plant men and women” with a special connection to the forest and the trees and is the author of several books, including “Texts from the Inside of the Forest.

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