Feng Shui – What can it bring in harmonization for me personally

What can Feng Shui bring for me personally?

Feng Shui comes originally from China and serves there harmonization of building projects but in the furnishing of living spaces.

According to this traditional conception, one should be able to “incline” the spirits of the air and the water.

Feng Shui – Observe heaven and earth

Another (older) term for it is Kan Yu, this is the short form for the term „observe the sky and the earth“.

Kan Yu is a part of the classical philosophy systems in its country of origin.

Feng Shui in architecture and gardens

The FengShui also has the chin. Garden art strongly influenced. The basic ideas of FengShui are u.a. considered in room furnishings, landscape/garden design and architecture.

The design is done here according to some different rules, which ensure that so “obdurate energies” do not settle in these rooms and thus the “Qi” can continue to flow freely.

Emphasis on the relationship between man and nature

Feng_Shui emphasizes the relationship between man and nature and is based on chinese principles. Philosophy systems, such as z.b the “Yin and Yang teaching”, the “Five Elements teaching” and the “Eight Trigrams” aligned to all four cardinal directions .

For some years now, the teachings of FengShui have been increasingly incorporated into architecture and interior design in Europe.

Here begins the approach that is interesting for all of us. Here it begins with the question: What can FengShui bring for me personally and also for my environment?

This short „outline“ is to interest the reader legendlich for what Feng Shui consultations open for possibilities.

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