Salt crystal lamp – support health with salt and light

Salt crystal lamp – with salt and light support the health

A salt crystal lamp has a high decorative value due to its warm light color. But the harmonious appearance due to this soft illumination is not the only reason to buy an illuminated salt crystal.

The salt from which such a crystal light is made is said to have numerous positive effects. It is said to improve indoor air and have similar health benefits to spending time by the sea.

How does a salt crystal lamp work?

Salt crystal lamps consist of a smaller or larger salt crystal (rock salt or Himalayan salt) hollowed out inside to place either a tea light or a light bulb powered by electricity inside it. As soon as the small candle is lit or the light bulb is switched on, the light shimmers through the salt crystal and warms up the salt stone.

Although the salt stone lamp can be illuminated with LEDs. However, LEDs do not develop sufficient heat to dissolve ions from the salt. Therefore, the operation with a 15 W light bulb is recommended.

Effect by ionizing the air in the room?

By heating the salt crystal, negatively charged ions are released from the salt, which counteract positively charged ions in the room air. The latter are released into the room air by the operation of electrical devices such as smartphones, computers, televisions and are considered harmful to health.

The installation and operation of a salt crystal lamp creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room – on the one hand by the atmospheric light, on the other hand by the enrichment with ions, which are to minimize electrosmog.

There is no scientific proof of the positive effect of the ionization of the air in the room. However, users regularly report a noticeable improvement in the air in the room and a pleasant feeling of well-being when you are near a salt crystal lamp.

Salty air is considered beneficial to health

A similar effect is often associated with a stay at the seaside or in a saltworks, or with a stay in a salt cellar. Salt cave described. The salty air eases respiratory problems, can provide relief from neurodermatitis and increase general well-being.

However, it must also be remembered that especially on the beach there is not only an increased salt content in the air, but wind, temperature and the sea breeze with less pollen and particulate matter have a positive effect on body and soul.

The overall effect of a salt crystal lamp is difficult to compare with the healthy stimulating climate.

Whether the application of a salt lamp by the enrichment of the space air with ions positively affects the health, remains so far each scientific proof guilty. However, the atmospheric effect of the light is undisputed.

If you like a salt crystal lamp, you should definitely buy an illuminated salt stone. And finally: he who heals is right.

Buy salt crystal lamp – which crystal lamp is the right one??

When buying a salt crystal lamp, various factors can play a role. If the effect of light is in the foreground, a salt stone in the appropriate color should be purchased accordingly. If you want to use the ionizing effect of the salt crystal lamp, you should choose a salt crystal of a suitable size.

In which colors are salt crystal lamps available?

The color of the light determines how the light can affect the emotional state. The color of the light emitted by the salt crystal lamp depends on the natural color of the salt crystal. Salt crystal lamps with salt crystals are available in the following colors

  • White (promotes concentration)
  • Gray (improves concentration)
  • Pink (has a stimulating and activating effect)
  • Yellow (brightens the mood, has an uplifting effect)
  • Orange (promotes creativity, radiates coziness)
  • Red (vitalizes and activates)

The color transitions of the natural salt stones are fluent. Inclusions give each crystal a unique appearance and influence the warm light color of the lamp individually. Each salt crystal is therefore unique is – as created by Mother Nature.

Salt crystal lamp: what size is needed?

In order for the lamp to release sufficient negatively charged ions, the size of the salt crystal should always be in proportion to the size of the room. The weight of the salt crystal lamp should be as follows:

  • 10 m²: 2 to 4 kg
  • 15 m²: 4 to 6 kg
  • 20 m²: 6 to 9 kg
  • 25 m²: 9 to 12 kg
  • 30 m²: from 13 kg

When setting up the salt crystal lamp, it is important that the surface has sufficient load-bearing capacity. Regular shelves or cabinet boards can be deformed at high weight. If one would like to set up a heavy salt lamp, the floor offers itself as a location.

Clean salt crystal lamps properly

Salt attracts moisture. Therefore, salt crystal lamps are not suitable for damp rooms (z. B. Bathroom) suitable. However, since the salt stone also attracts dust from the air in the room, the crystal must be cleaned occasionally. This can easily be done with a vacuum cleaner or with a soft brush. Under no circumstances should the salt crystal of the lamp be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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