CyberBeauty – Natural anti-aging with ORAC

CyberBeauty: Natural Anti-Aging with ORAC

Today we know that free radicals are the number one enemy of the immune system. 1 are. About 70 percent of all diseases are due to these aggressive molecules. The aging process also depends crucially on our immune status. Smoking counts as an absolute age accelerator. A single puff of a cigarette produces around 100 trillion free radicals. The consequences can be seen in our skin. Firming skin fibers are destroyed, the connective tissue slackens, wrinkles and wrinkles appear. Thus smokers look around 40 approximately five to eight years older than nonsmokers.

Effective antidotes

How good that there are effective remedies that help to defuse the free radicals. Scientists from the University of Boston found effective free radical scavengers in particular foods. The content of radical scavengers in these foods is indicated with the unit of measurement ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). So-called ORAC foods are the most effective weapon against free radicals.

ORAC against radicals

Who daily 3.000-5.000 ORAC units with its food takes up, which protects itself optimally against the harmful effects of the free radicals and prevents thus effectively possible illnesses. Below you will find the TOP 5 ORAC foods:


Food: ORAC units per 100 g

1 prunes: 5.770
2 Pomegranate: 3.307
3 raisins: 2.830
4 Blueberries: 2.400
5 Blackberries: 2.036

You find still more ORAC food and further info in the book CyberBeauty.

CyberBeauty: Novel and councellor in one book

In the novel Vanessa Halen tells of her turbulent abduction into the year 2256. In the future she finally learns that the earth is in danger and that she of all people should save mankind. In addition to many crazy adventures, the author also makes extraordinary discoveries about health and beauty in the future. And exactly about these realizations she reports in the attached councellor of her new book. In it she reveals the most effective rejuvenation methods from the future, which one can already apply with simple means today. A lifting without scalpel. A solution against pigmentation spots. An active ingredient against hair loss. A wound(er) cream against wrinkles. A special trousers against Cellulite. A plant mixture against obesity. And many more wonderful anti-aging methods from the future for easy self-application.

CyberBeauty – The unbelievable kidnapping into the distant future

The novel debut of BoD best-selling authoress Vanessa Halen + EXTRA councellor in the appendix
ISBN 3-8334-5295-1
132 pages with numerous color pages
15,90 Euro

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