Allergy sufferers – causes and cures for allergies

What can allergy sufferers do for their health?

The number of allergy sufferers is increasing worldwide; in the USA alone, 50 million people suffer from allergies, in Germany there are 20 to 30 million, and in Switzerland two million are affected. Physicians are powerless and face a conundrum.

Allergies can cause reactions, but they can also lead to chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, constant headaches, but also to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and much more.

The problem is that many chronic complaints like o. g. cannot be traced back to allergies. The affected persons themselves do not even know that they have allergies. Because who would suspect an allergy behind a heart attack?

The causes of allergies are unknown

The reason for this ignorance is that real allergies (the misbehavior of the body) are neither studied in science, nor in conventional medicine. The villain is looked for in the allergens. And this is the basis of all scientific research. In other words, the causes are completely unknown. All efforts are directed towards symptom suppression. But according to our research, the problems really start with that.

If conventional medicine did not try to accustom the body to harmless triggers, but instead researched the causes, we would be a whole step further. Not without reason, desensitization usually takes several years, with a questionable outcome.

Now you will rightly ask how we know this so exactly. Because we have been dealing with the wrong reactions of the body for many years. And in the course of our research we have come to the conclusion that the causes of allergies are not a medical problem at all. Rather, the interactions of the body with its environment play the decisive role here. And this is not taken into account in science.

Allergens are not the reason for more and more allergy sufferers

In the body of the allergy sufferer, or better the chronically ill person, the faults lie, and not in allergens. Allergens are inventions of scientists. They have been trying to decipher allergens for 100 years now. You want to find in it the cause, which are responsible for the reactions in the body.

But we suspect that this will not succeed, especially since so-called allergens are the same for all people. But why do only some people react to it?

How our environment shapes us

Affected allergy sufferers who find their way to us talk about having a grass allergy, for example, and are then quite confused when we diagnose a wheat intolerance instead.

They do not understand the world any more, nevertheless, her doctor recognized a grass allergy. What they unfortunately do not know is the fact that in conventional medicine the causes are unknown. A dilemma in which we are also stuck. Through years of imprinting, however, the paths for new things are hindered.

Medication will not make an allergic/chronic patient healthy

Here it becomes clear, how we are coined by our environment „“. If you have an allergy, you should see a doctor, is the general statement. This is correct if you want to get something against your annoying symptoms. So a drug that suppresses the chemical processes. But this is not and will not be a permanent solution.

It interferes so massively with the regulatory process that the body most likely seeks other ways to compensate for these errors. It inevitably leads to other chronic disorders. A cycle, from which the affected person alone does not come out again.

The possible solution

ALLERGIE-IMMUN has developed and tested for years a method of analysis and therapy which deals exclusively with the faults in the body which are responsible for such reactions. We do not target allergens, but look specifically for the faults in the body.

We already found a solution many years ago. However, the body must be seen as a unit that communicates with its environment and is influenced by it. We have been able to establish that allergies are inherited.

It is rather the wrong instructions that cause the body to react incorrectly to harmless substances. And due to the fact that these errors have been inherited for generations, these instructions to the body are completely normal.

They are practically small programs that run when an allergy sufferer comes into contact with certain substances. And these programs are to be corrected, which succeeds with the REGU-IMMUN-Therapie for many years outstandingly. Not without reason are ca. 74% of our clients completely free of symptoms.

Think about it calmly and ask yourself why conventional medicine cannot cure chronic diseases. And ask yourself why we achieve such great success.

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