Wooden rowing machines – health, sport, strength and fitness

Health and sport – wooden rowing machines

Wooden rowing machines are becoming increasingly popular and due to the great demand, the selection of models is also enormous. With this fitness equipment a whole body workout is possible, which is extremely gentle on the joints due to the flowing movements.

When rowing, an optimal training effect is achieved. Strength and fitness are equally trained.

What makes wooden rowing machines?

Basically, about 95 percent of all rowing machines made of wood work with water resistance. The material harmonizes excellently with this resistance method and a very good rowing experience is ensured.

Why a wooden rowing machine is better than a metal model?

Who wants to have a feeling to be on the lake and loves realistic water sounds, should reach for a rowing machine made of wood. The fitness equipment creates a cozy atmosphere and offers a much nicer look than models made of metal.

In addition, wood offers a longer life than metal and is very easy to maintain.

The advantages of a wooden rower

The material wood has a damping property. A rower benefits from this if, for example, the running rails are made of wood. This makes the active movement during rowing quieter. Furthermore, wood has the advantage of being visually very appealing.

A rowing machine made of wood looks noble and beautiful and is of higher quality than a conventional piece of sports equipment. It is also very positive that most manufacturers choose a specific type of wood so that the fitness equipment fits ideally into the room.

This results in a harmonious overall picture of the interior design. Last but not least, the low maintenance of the device speaks for a purchase for a model made of wood.

How much does a wooden rowing machine cost??

Rowing machines start with an investment of about 100 euros. Of course, you should choose a model that meets your needs and does not exceed your personal price budget.

Basically, rowing machines made of wood are usually not really cheap. This is due to the types of wood used, which vary greatly in price.

Rowing machines made of walnut cost significantly more than models made of oak or ash, for example. The processing is another cost factor. A rower that is partly handmade costs more than a machine-made one.

What to look for when buying a rowing machine?

When buying a rowing machine made of wood, it is important to pay attention to some important points, such as your own height and body weight.

Especially taller people need a seat that offers enough space and a longer seat rail to be able to perform fluent movements. With the selected model it is important to pay attention to the maximum weight load, which is specified by the manufacturer.

The resistance of the rower is also an important purchase criterion. This should be at least eight kilograms.

Of course, the type of wood is also an important point when buying the rowing machine. Whether walnut, ash or oak, the choice is decided by personal taste and the purse.

In any case, the chosen type of wood should harmoniously fit into the interior at home, so that a pretty overall picture is created and the rowing machine offers an embellishment for the room,

Pay attention to the size and fit of the rowing machine

Another important point when buying a rowing machine is to pay attention to the dimensions. To ensure that there is enough space for the new device at home, it is advisable to choose the length and width of the rowing machine accordingly or to use a foldable model.

It is also very important when buying to pay attention to an ergonomically shaped seat. Depending on the duration of the workout, the seat should be comfortable in any case, without causing pain. The rowing seat must provide a certain support in any case.

Consider training computer and equipment

As a rule, each rowing machine is equipped with a training computer, which has various setting options. During training, parameters such as time, stroke speed, calories burned and much more are displayed.

A legible display is important to be able to read the values. Furthermore, it should be possible to set different training programs.

A device that offers many accessories and special features is a good choice. Some models offer connections to the smartphone and allow to compare the training sessions and the training successes with each other.

Minimal maintenance

As a rule, wooden rowing machines require minimal maintenance. Normally the wood is already coated with oil. Due to this, it is very low maintenance, offers optimal protection against water and is dirt-repellent.

It is recommended to coat the rowing machine with wood oil every two years. This process takes only two minutes and makes the rowing machine look like new and protects it again from dirt and water.

Further maintenance includes tightening the screws of the device once a year, as the natural material wood gradually stretches a little due to the load. The rowing machine made of wood therefore does not require maintenance and promises a long service life.

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