Thai massage is ideal for a physical short vacation and very relaxing

The Thai massage is much more than a physical short vacation

Those who travel in Asia, not only look at the many national temples, but also the opportunities to relax and unwind, z.B. a thai massage.

The many massage studios are suitable for this. No matter if you are in China, Japan, Vietnam or Thailand. To come to rest with massages is a must in these countries.

Many people have certainly become familiar with Thai massage. Many a vacationer has returned home fascinated and raving about this relaxing, almost meditative massage.

Thai massage has long since conquered Germany

The certainly best known massage application is probably the Thai massage. Especially in Germany this massage has become very popular.

There is hardly a town or village in Germany where you can’t find a Thai massage studio. Thanks to the Internet you do not have to search long.

However, one should not be too quick to grab. The label “Thai massage” is not protected and is often advertised with dubious offers in the red light area.

A very good address to get a really serious and high quality Thai massage is Chokdee Thaimassage. This is located very centrally and closest to Hamburg’s city center in the popular Hamburg district of Eimsb├╝ttel.

Not only do stressed-out people from all professional fields come here for a massage to have their pain-ridden muscles massaged, but in the meantime also professional athletes because word has gotten around that here massage quality really is the trump card.

The Thai massage is a clear concept in itself. In your massage you do not only treat the painful areas, but you show yourself holistically in the massage.

Here the whole body is massaged. Because only because it hurts for example in the shoulder neck area, it does not mean for a long time that the cause also sits there.

Already during the first acupressures and strokes on the muscle, experienced Thai masseurs can quickly feel the causing triggers. These small areas, usually referred to as “lumps” are called triggers.

Here mostly inflamed and agglutinated fasciae due to incorrect strain and also relieving postures due to pain are considered as pain-triggering causes.

Fasciae, as the latest scientific studies have shown, are the largest organ in the body, along with the skin, and are responsible for a large proportion of muscle pain.

The more a person is oriented towards sporting activities and a healthy lifestyle, the less one will have problems with the fasciae.

The massage can thus take a preventive character in the healthy lifestyle.

Thai massage or aroma oil massage

The classic, traditional Thai massage is a dry massage! It is performed with many acupressures acting directly on the muscle.

In addition to the acupressure, stretching and compression are also applied. This probably sounds scary now, but it is very effective.

The Thais go regularly to the Thai massage and would never let use an oil for the massage. But this is also due to the fact that they have been socialized in this way.

We Europeans are a bit more sensitive. Only about 10 percent of all visitors of a massage studio choose the traditional Thai massage. And a good 8 percent of them are women!

This again shows who is really the “stronger” sex. Aroma oil massage is the lighter and certainly more pleasant form of Thai massage.

Classically, lavender oil, jasmine oil or citrus oil are used. Through the oil, the muscles can be very well stroked out. Above all to be stroked out less painful.

Traditional Thai massage or rather the softer aroma oil massage? It is always up to you. Chokdee Thaimassage advises every guest as a beginner in the massage to an oil massage.

With the right intensity during the massage every muscle and therefore every fascia is well reached and relaxed.

Only after a few massages which are also increased in their massage pressure quality, one can further increase with a classic traditional Thai massage.

But that does not mean that the traditional Thai massage is superior as a variant. It is just the Thai royal discipline of massage.

How often is the Thai massage useful

A one-hour Thai massage is just as demanding on the body as a 30-minute power endurance workout!

Naturally one is not so much out of breath. But the body is still running at full speed on the inside.

How often you can go to a Thai massage depends on your wallet and how much you want to invest in your own wellness and health and how your body processes this massage program.

Anyone who regularly has a massage once a week is certainly on the healthy side of life.

In addition still another regular Workout such as walking, swimming or easy jogging in connection with healthy nutrition and sufficient sleep makes surely everything correctly!

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