Hair loss – prevention, causes and treatment options

The best tips against hair loss

Beautiful, full hair is part of today’s ideal of beauty. In the case of hair loss, the root is weakened and the hair grows back either very weakly or not at all. It also falls out again faster.

To find the appropriate hair growth remedy, the cause must first be defined, because treatment is always individual.

When is hair loss and what are the causes?

Hair growth is subject to a cycle, which individually takes two to five years. As a result, the hair falls out and the new one grows back.

The number of hairs that can fall out without being considered as hair loss varies from person to person. However, if the loss of hair deteriorates rapidly or the hair even falls out completely in places, it is highly advisable to see a doctor.

Great caution is required in the case of hereditary hair loss. A good prevention should be started early. Helpful here are tinctures, as well as serums and shampoos.

Shampoo, serum and massage also prevent so-called seasonal hair loss

If hormone-related hair loss is suspected, a doctor should be consulted directly.

If hair loss is due to nutrient deficiencies, there is a direct connection to nutrition, which should be paid more attention to.

In addition, there are preparations that provide the hair root with additional nutrients.

Relaxation during stress is also elementary to strengthen the hair root. A bath, combined with shampoos, as well as serums and nutritional supplements have a supporting effect.

Is there a difference between the sexes and how is hair loss treated??

In men, the origin is often heredity and hormones. Thus, it is important to start very early with prevention.

As hair growth means serums are suitable and also the daily massages are important, in order to promote the hair growth. If the products are applied twice a day with complementary massage, this prevents well.

In women, in addition to hormones, the causes are often stress and worry, diet or wrong hairstyles and excessive coloring.

Not only care products and dietary supplements serve as help here, it is also useful to change hairstyles often and not to expose the hair to too much stress.

Nutritional supplements have the effect of strengthening the skin and hair internally.

The basic element are shampoos. Here are also special products that promote blood circulation. The hair care lines support a strengthening of the hair roots and thus reduce the risk of hair loss.

Combined with a short daily scalp massage, serums are particularly effective, as there is a productive stimulation of blood circulation.

In the case of seasonal or acute hair loss, an intensive hair care treatment is advantageous, as it is highly concentrated and acts quickly.

Another possibility to have beautiful and healthy hair is the laser light, which stimulates weak hair roots in a safe and also caring way.

Nanofibers can also be applied to the bald parts of the head as hair growth remedies. This binds the hair. As a result, dense hair is formed for one day long.


There are a number of possibilities and supporting measures to prevent hair loss or to treat existing hair loss.

In order to know which is the best support process, the cause must be defined. Only then it is possible to act specifically or possibly also to visit a doctor.

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