Mattress protection for allergy sufferers and sensitive persons

Carefree sleep despite allergies: mattress protection for allergy sufferers and sensitive people

For people with allergies, a mattress protector has the advantage of creating a harmoniously tempered, dry sleeping environment and keeping microorganisms out.

Mattress protectors, however, have primarily the purpose of increasing the longevity of the mattress.

Unlike the mattress, the mattress topper can be washed and always has a hygienic sleeping environment. Mattress protectors have the additional primary purpose of increasing the longevity of the mattress.

Mattress protectors are often made of cotton, functional synthetic, innovative fibers such as lyocell, corn and bamboo viscose or a mixture of different textiles.

The dimensions of the mattress toppers refer exactly to the dimensions of the mattress, for example, 90 x 200, 140 x 200 or 180 x 200 cm. Some manufacturers have various intermediate steps and special sizes such as 90 x 220 cm in the program.

Here we would like to introduce you to some types of mattress protectors with information on how to use them, so that you can choose the perfect mattress protector for you and your loved ones.

Mattress topper: easy-care mattress protection for the high-quality mattress

Probably the best known type of mattress protector is the mattress topper. It is placed on the mattress in a very uncomplicated way and is usually fixed with rubber bands at the corners. A mattress topper protects the mattress from dirt, moisture and friction.

Especially for children a waterproof mattress topper is useful, which reliably catches liquids. A water-repellent mattress topper is usually made of cotton with a layer of functional synthetic fiber.

A conventional mattress topper made of cotton can also cope with sweat and small amounts of moisture, as the natural material is very absorbent.

It is especially important for allergy sufferers and sensitive people that the mattress does not get wet, as microorganisms thrive and multiply in damp conditions.

An elastic mattress topper with a high percentage of spandex has the advantage of not limiting the ergonomic function of high-quality mattresses.

Molton topper: naturally breathable made of 100% cotton

For generations, the molleton topper has been used to keep sleeping arrangements comfortable and hygienic. A mattress protector made of molton is breathable, absorbent and soft.

The molton mattress topper consists of a lightly roughened cotton fabric, which warms and ventilates the body at the same time thanks to its surface structure.

Dust, dirt and moisture remain trapped in the mattress topper made of molton and do not reach the mattress.

Molton mattress protectors are easy to care for and can be washed at up to 95 degrees, so they are reliably cleaned in the boil wash.

Mattress topper: sleep comfortably in any situation in life

A kind of extension of the mattress is the mattress topper. With a layer of cold foam, visco foam or latex, the topper provides additional comfort and supports the lying comfort of the actual mattress.

The choice between a visco topper or a topper made of cold foam depends on personal preferences.

Viscotoppers are soft and flexible, while cold foam provides optimal support. Since a topper is much cheaper than a good mattress, it can be replaced occasionally and even slightly change the firmness of the mattress.

So, if needs change over time, the topper provides a remedy until you invest in a new mattress.

Toppers can also be combined with box spring beds and create the perfect lying feeling.

Cuddly soft and warm through the night with the underblanket

Between the mattress protector and mattress topper is the underbed – a thick and soft version of the mattress topper.

A cuddly underblanket is especially beneficial for those who suffer from frostbite, as the extra layer stores heat better. Breathable materials provide balanced air circulation.

Often underblankets consist of a loose cotton filling. So-called synthetic fibers of natural origin such as bamboo viscose, lyocell or corn are also compatible for sensitive people.

These modern textiles are made from vegetable cellulose in a chemical process, offering a sustainable alternative to plastics. Sleeping is even better with a good conscience!

Mattress topper: mattress protection from all sides

The mattress carpet pad, which lies between the mattress and the slatted frame, works in a similar way to the mattress topper.

In combination with a mattress topper, the mattress is thus shielded from dirt and moisture from above and below.

Especially in damp and easily cooling rooms, it is worthwhile to take into account the air coming from below, so that the mattress remains as dry as possible.

In addition, the mattress pad prevents mechanical damage to the mattress by the slatted frame.

Mattress cover: all-round safety for allergy sufferers

The mattress cover lies on the mattress like a fitted sheet or covers the entire mattress as an encasing and thus protects it from all sides.

In both cases, the cover is designed to prevent mites from getting into the mattress. For allergy sufferers, dust mites are not only a nuisance, but a real health hazard.

The mite protection cover is therefore made of specially treated and for mites impenetrable material and is equipped with a zipper.

A water-repellent encasing prevents the mattress from being damaged by wetness. The mattress cover can be easily removed and washed, encasing may require help from a second person.

Mattress protector for children: practical help in everyday life

The health of the youngest is especially important to us. For hygienic reasons, a waterproof mattress pad is worthwhile for babies and toddlers.

However, mattress pads are also useful for older children to protect them from allergy-causing microorganisms. And even if nothing goes wrong while they are asleep, children still like to spill things.

For baby mattresses and children’s beds there are the sizes 60 x 120 cm 70x 140 cm. So the mattress is protected and the children can romp uninhibited on their beds.

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