Healthy teeth plus protection of teeth through proper nutrition

Healthy teeth through proper nutrition

Little sugar, lots of fruit and vegetables, regular brushing of the teeth – already one may be pleased about healthy teeth. Or?

Many adults think it’s that simple, but unfortunately there are far more pitfalls to healthy teeth in today’s diets than they realize.

The right, healthy diet is not only good for the body and helps to lose weight, but also protects the teeth from caries and secondary diseases.

But what really endangers the teeth and what does them good?

Sweets – the only dietary sin?

„Contrary to popular belief, sweets are not the main problem of diseased teeth“, says Dr. Lange (dentist from Stuttgart).

Of course, there is a lot of sugar in sweets, but there are many sugary foods.

When man hardly fed on cereals, there were hardly any dental problems, as evidenced by findings of prehistoric people.

Caries probably only became widespread when people started growing and eating cereals, because flour products contain a lot of carbohydrates, which in turn are almost nothing but sugar.

They attack the tooth substance in the same way as sugar from sweets, which is why it is not enough to eat less sweet foods alone.

Caution should also be exercised with cereal products or ready meals, which may contain both cereals and classical sugar.

Fructose does not count – or does it??

Fruit comes from the tree, fruit has not been industrially processed – so fruit must be healthy.

In fact, fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and vital components of healthy nutrition.

This does not mean, however, that fruit may be consumed in rough quantities, because fruit contains fructose.

Although this is not like the classic raw cane sugar from candy, it is still sugar.

In addition, depending on the type, fruits contain more or less fruit acid, which can also attack the tooth enamel.

Fruit may of course still be eaten, as it also contains healthy components, but brushing the teeth afterwards should not be forgotten.

Protein and vegetables for healthy teeth

Teeth do best with the kind of diet they had in the Stone Age.

Back in the day, people ate meat when they could get it, otherwise a lot of vegetables and actually fruits too.

As a snack, vegetables are a good recommendation for in between meals, as they contain few or no harmful substances for the teeth.

Since meat is made up of protein and fat, meaty foods are also safe for your teeth, as neither macronutrient is harmful to your teeth.

These foods appear in many healthy eating concepts and also help to live slim and healthy.

What to do after sweet sins?

Is it enough to chew a toothbrush gum? Or does regular tooth brushing still have to be as an adult?

Those who want to protect their teeth may not want to give up sweets or cereals completely.

This does not have to be the case, but the teeth should be brushed afterwards if possible.

There are also good chewing gums that do not contain sugar and clean the teeth at least temporarily.

However, adults should also brush their teeth once in the morning and once in the evening, and of course optionally in between during the lunch break.

Teeth should be cleaned at the earliest opportunity after potentially dangerous foods that can harm teeth.

The longer sugar can act on teeth, the more damaging it becomes – immediate cleaning can therefore mitigate sweet sins well in their effect and ease the conscience towards dental health.

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