Fitness exercises – which are the best for me

The best fitness exercises

You want to become more athletic and active, but don’t know yet which fitness exercises in which sport suit you? The AOK Hessen helps you with your choice!

We have listed the best fitness exercises for you and the special advantages of each sport.

Running is the ultimate fat burner

(real) jogging burns about 547 kcal in an hour and exercises the whole body. Pay attention to proper posture and breathing. Maybe a running course would be something for you? A trainer shows you what you have to pay attention to and it is much easier to train with others.

Nordic Walking for strong muscles

With Nordic Walking you support your gait with so-called “walking sticks”. But don’t confuse walking with strolling. If you do it right, your cardiovascular system will work up quite a sweat.

Swimming is easy on the joints

Swimming burns about 436 kcal per hour. It is easy on the joints and strengthens the respiratory muscles. In addition, it is weather-independent – whether in the outdoor pool or in the hall, you can do your lanes everywhere.

Cycling improves blood circulation

Cycling is suitable for the whole family and is a nice leisure activity. Thus all together train their musculature and increase their fat burning.

Inline skating for young and old

Inline skating burns 408 kcal per hour and is therefore a good fat burner. It also increases endurance and promotes coordination. And on top of that it is really a lot of fun.

Pilates for gentle muscle training

Even beginners get their money’s worth with Pilates. Everyone, as he can. Pilates trains entire muscle chains and is perfect for strengthening the back.

Fitness exercises should be fun

Whichever sport you choose, it has to suit you. Fun is indispensable, otherwise you will certainly not stick to it for long. You can also find the infographic in our portal “What a life”. Here you can also find more interesting and exciting information about a healthy life.

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