1×1 of healthy sitting – what to pay attention to

1×1 of healthy sitting

Sitting on modern, conventional office chairs largely eliminates the organism’s ability to move in a way that maintains health. The posture on these chairs is rather fixed.

Movement is – while sitting – only in very small extent possible. And that at 80.000 hours that people spend in the office on average during their working lives.

Walking and running continuously activates and thus exercises a large number of muscles. And this permanent movement also keeps the spine and the musculoskeletal system fit and healthy.

Checklist for healthy sitting

What to do? The Sitwell checklist „1×1 of healthy sitting“ developed by recognized experts in occupational medicine, sports medicine and orthopedics, provides valuable tips for practice in the office and at home.

If a chair imposes a certain sitting position on the user, many muscle parts are no longer sufficiently activated and regress (atrophy). There is a strong overbending of the spine.

The intervertebral discs are subjected to considerable stress. This constant strain promotes intervertebral disc degeneration and thus chronic back pain.

After new scientific realizations with men by conventional office chairs beyond that even the potency and the ability to procreate are endangered.

Little movement, the compression of blood vessels in the pelvic region and permanent overheating can lead to these unpleasant consequences.

That’s why Gernot Steifensand, the son of the well-known intervertebral disc swivel chair pioneer, enlisted three recognized experts to develop a checklist for healthy sitting in the office:

  • Prof. Dr. Theodor Peters – Specialist for occupational and social medicine from Düsseldorf,
  • Dr.med. Peter Stehle – sport physician from Bonn,
  • Dr. Michael Sababi – Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon and gender-difference research specialist.

Healthy sitting – Valuable practical tips

This free checklist provides valuable practical tips for body-appropriate and gender-specific sitting. Gernot Steifensand has been dealing with the problem of sitting in the office for years.

Observations in practice as well as a whole range of medical findings led to the development of a new generation of „sensorimotor-activating“ office swivel chairs, which focus on the healthy and comfortable sitting experience and take into account the different needs of men and women: Lady Sitwell and Mister Sitwell.

Through permanent movement stimuli all muscles, especially the trunk, back, shoulder and arm muscles are trained. These muscles support and relieve the spine. Intervertebral discs and joints are kept healthy by the gentle micro-movements.

The metabolism is stimulated. This strengthens the heart and lung function as well as the oxygen uptake in every cell. This increases performance and well-being.

The „sensorimotor-activating“ office chairs also take into account the differences between the sexes and clothing sizes.

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