Recognize autism – symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Recognizing autism and dealing with it properly

The term autism describes a disorder that can have many facets. This is what often makes it so difficult to recognize the disease in those affected. However, early detection helps to choose the right treatments and deal with autism.

Basically, experts believe that the first symptoms appear in a child within the first four to five years of life. The symptoms themselves are varied and often manifest in different ways.

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Recognizing the first symptoms of autism

Autism is a behavioral disorder that can have a lasting impact on several areas of life. Affected people often have problems with contact with other people. Their social contacts are hardly or not at all developed. Already with children it is recognizable that they prefer to deal with themselves, to withdraw from groups and to seek peace and solitude.

Among other things, this is also related to communication problems that can occur in autistic people. The speech center develops only slowly, children learn to speak later or do not articulate through words at all.

Certain behavior patterns are also recognizable. In some cases, the affected person’s interest is extended only to certain areas of life. Changes in life are difficult for autistic people and they develop conspicuous behavior patterns. The picture of the symptoms that can develop is as complex as the disease itself.

There are different forms of autism. It is divided into the upper ranges of „early childhood autism“, „atypical autism“ as well as „Asperger syndrome„.

How the doctor diagnoses autism

If an autistic disorder is suspected, doctors first rule out possible physical causes for the behavioral changes that have occurred. This is done, among other things, through blood tests and neurological examinations.

If physical illnesses of the affected person can be completely ruled out, the caring doctor usually consults a specialist. The doctor usually works with questionnaires, talks to the affected person, as far as he/she cooperates here, and contacts family members and close people.

The treatment of an autistic disorder

The behavioral disorder autism cannot be cured, but it can be treated in the long term. This therapy is not only about the person himself working with a therapist. Caregivers are also involved in this therapy and learn how to manage the patient and make his or her life easier.

In addition, there are self-help groups for relatives of people with autistic disorders. The „Netdoktor“ writes that the treatment is primarily to improve the social and communication skills of those affected. A therapy promises the most success if it is started in time and lasts over an extended period of time.

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