Fascia role – application for the relaxation and with back pain

Fascia roller for relaxation and for back pain

Fasciae are an important part of our body to stay in shape. Without her we would even be unable to live. Let’s therefore look behind the scenes and give our deepest inner meaning.

In principle, this refers to our connective tissue. Everywhere in our body it takes up its work and ensures that our structures remain in shape, gain stability as well as flexibly perform their service.

Only when various pains occur, such as joint, back, shoulder or neck complaints, we are confronted with the word fasciae.

Because if these are stuck together, the unpleasant symptoms develop, which run through the whole organism. With a few targeted techniques, the pleasant relaxation of body and mind occurs immediately.

A ribbon-like and tear-resistant tissue

The collagen-rich tissue provides a certain elasticity and the suppleness of our movements. This complex net-like tissue system encloses and fixes the ligaments, tendons, bones, vessels and muscles. Even our organs are enveloped and thus benevolently embedded.

If we feel tensions and physical limitations and deficits, we can do something about it ourselves. With the fascia roll we practice a kind of self-massage and improve our body perception.

With it we loosen the adhesion and the mobility, strength ability and the equilibrium are again restored gradually.

Fascia roller – Fascinatingly simple for more mobility

The training-therapeutic fascia rolls mostly from hard foam, loosen the tensions by the own body weight. This also increases body awareness and requires some sensitivity.

Many techniques are used that can be ideally done from home. More extensibility, less pain and relief occur.

Likewise, the fascia roller can also be used as a massage roller, as it takes care of the entire body. So from head to toe and excellent promotes blood circulation.

Fascinatingly simply more mobility, without much own doing. Tensions and hardenings are solved and likewise a complaint liberty occurs. Thus, the fascia roller can be used optimally by laymen without prior knowledge.

Here you can learn more about the fascia roll and the training with it.

Improves body structures

A good therapy to get to know his body better and to help himself. But how to use the massage roller correctly?

  • Self-awareness is important. Only in this way can pain points be individually determined and rolled out.
  • To combat pain, the pain receptors are specifically addressed with the fascia roller and a reduction in pain is achieved.
  • With the warm-up, the sliding ability of the muscles is improved by rolling out. Thus again even and pain-free movement sequences take place.
  • The slow roll-out during the cool-down, in turn, creates a good blood circulation. Thus the musculature is supplied with sufficient oxygen.

An effective effect that can be achieved easily and quickly. It requires no great physical effort and is implemented by old and young in the best possible way.

Fascia roll – A must for more health and relaxation

Our fasciae take care of the whole in us. They are significantly involved in all processes, even in our breathing and digestion. Thus the massage role can cause the holistic and the synergy in standhalten.

Without thereby to load, but relieving on the structural happening to go in. Whether for preventive fitness training or for acute complaints, the relief and improvement of the body is in the foreground.

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