Bloated belly due to fast food and how to avoid it

Bloated belly caused by fast food and how to avoid it

Fast food is a major cause of a bloated belly due to its increased content of unhealthy fat and sugar. Since it is also often eaten quickly and hastily, this unpleasant concomitant is exacerbated.

Fast food refers to a wide variety of foods and dishes, from the curry sausage and doner kebab at the corner, to a pizza from your favorite Italian restaurant, to hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chicken wings at the fast food restaurant.

The excess air in the belly is not only very quickly noticeable, but is now and then also a real challenge for many fellow human beings.

The resulting digestive gases have the property of often smelling strongly and escaping unbidden. Furthermore, flatulence leads to an annoying feeling of fullness and sometimes severe abdominal pain.

Too much healthy fiber is also not good again

The fact that air comes with the meal into the belly, is completely normal at first. Stomach and intestines are hollow organs, can absorb a lot of it. In addition, air is produced during the digestive process.

It develops, if intestine bacteria decompose the food. If it is difficult to digest and extensive, more gases (methane) are formed accordingly.

Similarly, the composition of the food affects the digestive process. If, for example, you have eaten a lot of fiber from cereal products, your intestinal bacteria will be faced with additional tasks.

This is because dietary fiber cannot be completely decomposed by gastric acid and reaches the large intestine more or less undigested. Air collects there and causes feelings of pressure and fullness.

An excess of fatty acids impedes digestion

Comparable happens with the so-called food intolerances. In these cases for example Gluten, fruit or milk sugar cannot be diminished correctly and provide for partly substantial digestion problems.

A wholesome, varied diet keeps the bacterial intestinal flora largely in balance. Normally, intestinal bacteria are able to fend off enemies foreign to the body.

If this does not succeed, the production of fermentation and putrefaction gases increases. Fast food is a relatively one-sided diet that upsets the coordinated play of the intestinal forces.

Larger quantities of fatty acids in particular then lead to increased formation of gases in the digestive tract.

Who nourishes itself however ostensibly from fiber-rich food (raw vegetable, whole grain products), stands soon before similar problems.

Better five small meals a day than two big ones

Accordingly, the easiest way to prevent flatulence is to eat as varied a diet as possible. There is nothing to be said against the occasional fatty meat, but it should be part of a well thought-out menu.

Fast food does not have to be avoided completely. It depends on the correct measure. Too many carbonated drinks are also harmful to the stomach.

Five small meals a day are better than a few large ones. Two liters of water or tea should be drunk daily to stimulate digestion.

Food is best when there is enough time and nothing has to be gobbled down.

In addition, regular exercise is good for a bloated belly. Already a small walk after the meal can work miracles. In yoga there are even special exercises against the feeling of fullness around the belly.

Warmth and herbal tea do the full belly best

Fast improvement promise also a warm cherry stone packing or the hot water bottle directly on the belly. This calms the intestines and abdominal pain subsides. Herbal tea with anise, fennel, chamomile or caraway is recommended for this purpose.

If the situation does not ease with these home remedies within two to three days, a doctor should be consulted. It can help with organic causes with special medicines or – in the case of an Intoleranz against certain food – a nourishing change to the heart suggest.

Always only whole grain – that can also not be healthy

Flatulence can of course not be completely avoided. Thus strongly driving food components are contained as for example the vegetable ballast materials in very many food and besides basically healthy. Often only individual plant fibers cause a bloating stomach.

Each person can react sensitively to completely different dietary fibers. Industrially produced foods – and also fast food – are often given fiber in order to make them appear “healthier”.

From a health point of view, it is not a matter of radically avoiding these foods, but rather eating them in a tolerable amount. It is similar with the whole grain products. They are very valuable and indispensable, but should not be consumed excessively.

Do not blindly trust diet and light products!

Small bloating villains are also the sugar substitutes sorbitol, xylitol and mannitol. Sorbitol is found, for example, in many diet or light products, but also in gummy bears, (sugar-free) chewing gum and sweets.

Caution is explicitly called for with foods that are advertised as having reduced sugar content. They contain hidden mannitol, which can easily inflate the stomach.

It is undisputed that very fatty meat and dairy products are particularly hard on the stomach and intestines. Fast food lovers are advised to be particularly cautious here.

A simple principle protects against too much: the greater the fat content of a food, the more difficult it is to digest and the higher the risk of flatulence.

The feeling of fullness also lurks in many drinks

Therefore, please do not eat more than one egg per day. Moderation is also the order of the day with very fatty egg dishes such as omelettes with cheese.

Cream with a lot of sugar, as found in a tiramisu, for example, easily triggers a moderately severe explosion of flatulence in the stomach.

In general, dairy products of all kinds are a particular danger for people who know about their intolerance to lactose.

To prevent flatulence caused by raw vegetables, it is a good idea to sauté them briefly before eating. Onions, mushrooms, most cabbage varieties, olives and all legumes (beans, peas, lentils) pose a particular risk of flatulence.

Who selects now of all things still another beautiful sugary lemonade, Saftschorle, dark beer or wheat with final coffee to its Fast Food meal, which should change in the long term its preferences.

For all these drinks are just waiting to conjure up a proper bloated belly.

Remedy for a bloated stomach

Everything you need to know about flatulence and bloating can be found on the page Mittel-gegen-Blaehbauch (middle vs. bloating).de and in the book by Tamara Duker Freuman
Bye-bye bloated belly – Complaint-free in 7 days.

There it is about the causes and the symptoms for the development of a bloated belly and what remedies there are against a bloated belly, both preventive and curative.

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